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Labor & Employment

Employee Handbooks/Personnel Policy Manuals

Employee handbooks are an essential means of avoiding litigation and creating a harmonious employment relationship. A carefully designed employee handbook can contribute greatly to productive employment relationships and can limit the potential for disputes that, aside from being unproductive and costly, can lead to unionization.

Clark Hill has vast experience in drafting employee handbooks and personnel policy manuals. We believe that employee handbooks and policy manuals aid in the uniform application of policies and work rules and are an ideal means of reducing litigation and protecting an employer from lawsuits.

Before drafting handbooks and manuals, we conduct comprehensive audits of the employer’s current policies and practices to ensure adherence to rapidly changing case law and federal, state and local laws. The audits also allow us to gain a full understanding of the employer’s business so that the employee handbook adequately addresses all issues that are important and vital to day-to-day operations, not just those that are “legal” in nature. The result is a comprehensive compilation of work rules and policies that clearly define the employment relationship.