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By ground, air, or sea, businesses involved in transportation and logistics require assistance to meet the demands of delivering commercial goods in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Clark Hill’s Transportation team serves a diverse base of clients in matters that spread across the globe with far-reaching implications on bottom lines and consumer satisfaction.

We serve a diverse body of transportation clients, ranging from over-the-road trucking companies to airlines, railroads, consolidators, maritime vessels, customs brokers, expediters, storage facilities, and logistics companies. While we continue to represent clients before multiple governmental agencies such as the National Labor Relations Board, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Transportation, Department of Labor, Department of Civil Rights, Department of Immigration and Naturalization Service, and the United States Customs Service, our practice is increasingly moving in the direction of assistance to businesses challenged by the demands of delivering commercial goods in interstate and foreign commerce in a timely and cost-efficient manner. This diverse client base involves our attorneys in an increasing variety of matters, ranging from freight claims and accidents to labor negotiations, environmental matters, to mergers and acquisitions.

Our Transportation team is constantly updating their knowledge and experience in the transportation industry through practice before state and federal courts, administrative agencies, and participating in several transportation conferences and associations. These organizations include the Michigan Trucking Association, Transportation Lawyers Association, Conference of Freight Counsel, Maritime Law Association, National Association of Railroad Trial Counsel, Transportation Industry Defense Association, North American Transportation Employee Relations Association, American Trucking Associations, and the Canadian Transport Lawyers Association. We are also a member of international legal networks through which we coordinate the needs of our clients for legal representation in commercial countries of the world.

Whether our clients’ matter involves a routine accident, freight claim, an employment matter, a complex intermodal master agreement, or financing transaction, we are committed to responding immediately and with the most advanced technology and industry contacts to assist our clients in concluding their transportation business promptly and in a cost-efficient manner.

Areas of Practice

  • Admiralty & maritime
  • Aviation
  • Consolidators
  • Customs brokers
  • Logistics providers
  • Over-the-road haulers
  • Railroads