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Industries & Practices

Intellectual Property & Technology

As an individual or company develops its newest innovation, Clark Hill attorneys provide counsel that protects them throughout the early developmental stages to production and promotion. Our intellectual property attorneys work with organizations to understand their technology and science to protect valuable assets in the United State and abroad.

Start-ups and mid-sized companies, multinational corporations, and universities choose Clark Hill as intellectual property counsel.

We understand the law, technology, and science, as well as the dedication, collaboration, and multi-faceted legal solutions needed to own, develop, and protect valuable intangible assets. Our attorneys take the time to know each client’s business and operations and develop long-term relationships.

Knowing IP decisions are ultimately strategic business decisions, our attorneys consider the bigger picture, weigh all of the options, and advise each client on a course of action that meets their distinct goals. Protecting our clients’ IP rights from infringement, misappropriation, dilution, and counterfeiting is our top priority.

Our attorneys are skilled in writing, obtaining, and safeguarding patents for electrical, mechanical, and medical devices, as well as software and chemical compounds. Our team prepares, files, and prosecutes patent, trademark, service mark, and copyright applications. We also protect technology and other valuable innovations through litigation, licensing, and opinion counseling.

We advise on IP management programs so that research and development expenditures yielding important innovations are protected from competitors. Clients also consult with us to negotiate and close commercial transactions involving IP, including mergers and acquisitions, licensing in/licensing out, joint development agreements, outsourcing agreements, technology transfers, joint ventures, and strategic alliances, as well as non-competition, confidentiality, employment, and consulting agreements.

Six Clark Hill IP attorneys named 2024 Best Lawyers in America®.