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Intellectual Property & Technology

Clark Hill helps individuals and companies, including startups and mid-sized companies, multinational corporations, and universities, protect their innovations at every stage, from design and development through production. Our intellectual property attorneys foster relationships with innovators that deepen technological and scientific understanding and enable robust protection in the United States and abroad. We understand the law, technology, and science, as well as the dedication, collaboration, and multi-faceted legal solutions needed to own, develop, and protect valuable intangible assets. Our attorneys take the time to know each client’s business and operations and develop long-term relationships.

Our IP attorneys are familiar with the legal and technological complexity underlying IP protection and understand the big picture—IP protection ultimately involves strategic business decisions that account for the unique goals of each client.

Our attorneys are skilled in writing, obtaining, and safeguarding patents for electrical, mechanical, and medical devices, as well as software and chemical compounds. Our team prepares, files, and prosecutes patent, trademark, service mark, and copyright applications. We also assist clients through licensing and opinion counseling, including advising on IP management programs that optimize research and development investment. Clients also consult with us for technology transactions: mergers and acquisitions, licensing, joint development agreements, outsourcing agreements, technology transfers, joint ventures, and strategic alliances, as well as non-competition, confidentiality, employment, and consulting agreements.

An effective IP protection strategy must account for enforcement scenarios. Our team provides guidance that considers the tribunal (e.g., USPTO or district court), court system (state or federal court), and venue for enforcement of IP rights, as well as the client’s specific business objectives, the product market, and the strengths and weakness of existing IP protection, among other factors. By evaluating each of these dimensions, our IP attorneys are well-positioned to advise clients on the risks, benefits, and the most cost-effective path forward in IP enforcement actions.