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A healthy economy is essential — to individuals, to businesses and to communities.

In today’s increasingly fragile economic landscape, the new projects, jobs and revenues that come from innovation and development have never been more vital — nor have they been more challenging to attain. Our goal is to help our clients navigate through these choppy waters to define their development objectives, identify opportunities for growth, achieve their goals and ultimately create the revenue and jobs that will help our businesses and communities continue to grow and prosper.

Clark Hill’s Economic Development Team plays a significant role for our clients by being instrumental in major economic development transactions. We have received national recognition for  innovative financial structures, the ability to build bridges between business and government, and positive contributions to the communities we serve.

Clark Hill has a keen eye for the issues that may arise in economic development situations and the ability to develop innovative, project-specific solutions to those issues. We have a proven track record. Our team knows what it takes to secure favorable outcomes for all parties involved, and we know how to get the job done effectively, efficiently and with integrity.

With a depth and breadth of experience, valuable contacts among key industry and government players, and the ability to identify opportunities for our clients, Clark Hill offers a unique suite of services unmatched in the industry.