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Economic Development Services

Regulatory Advice & Counsel

Working within the complicated and intricate framework of governmental regulations is a necessary aspect of any economic development project. Having a partner who understands this labyrinthine and everchanging network is essential. Clark Hill has decades of experience working with, and in, every level of the government, making us the ideal partner for businesses or individuals looking for guidance in regulatory matters.

Clark Hill has done extensive work on behalf of our clients in this arena. Regulatory issues impact every facet of development projects, from obtaining financing to labor relations to LEED certification to tax issues.

Because of our front-row position in governmental relations, our professionals are always prepared to use this knowledge to each client’s advantage. We know when regulations that will affect our clients are about to change. We understand how the laws and regulations will impact different projects. We can work with legislators to help affect changes that will be beneficial to our clients. And we are always able to explain the impact that various regulatory issues will have on our clients’ projects and businesses.

Clark Hill has existing, long-standing relationships with governmental officials at all levels. We are seasoned at guiding our clients through the increasingly complex and technical maze of federal and state laws, rules, and regulations related to economic development activities.