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Environmental & Natural Resources

Solid & Hazardous Waste Management

The waste management industry is one of the most highly regulated sectors under federal and state environmental laws.

Sites and facilities face permitting, operating, and cleanup requirements that require compliance with air, water, waste, and remediation rules. Clark Hill’s attorneys are experienced with the array of federal and state legal regimes and oriented toward using that knowledge to help clients meet their compliance obligations while maximizing efficiencies and enhancing competitive advantage.

Federal Law

Our Washington, D.C.-based attorneys have served in the EPA, DOJ, and other federal agencies, giving them the “insider’s” perspective on how the regulators view the world. Using this knowledge and private sector experience, we regularly advise clients on legislative and regulatory policy development, compliance, and litigation, under federal law.

State Laws

With offices throughout the country and environmental attorneys who have practiced in every state, our team knows the issues that arise under the full gamut of state laws that govern waste management. The team has particular strengths in Michigan and Pennsylvania but manages compliance and litigation under counterpart state laws across the nation.

Transactional Matters

Our broad knowledge base allows us to bring value-added experience to audit and diligence projects in the transactional arena. In matters as wide-ranging as acquisitions, internal audits, insurance coverage, and incentive programs supporting alternative energy, we have advised clients as an integral part of the client’s business team.

Our attorneys regularly advise clients, attorneys, and environmental professionals on matters relating to environmental and pollution liability insurance; the limited liability protections available to potential owners and operators of contaminated property; both state and federal law; brownfield remediation and redevelopment projects; and management of hazardous wastes and underground and aboveground storage tanks.