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Restrictive Covenants

Competition disputes involving employers and employees take many forms, and because they can involve any combination of corporate assets, work capital, and sensitive trade secrets, they often are some of the most significant. Moreover, in the age of commerce today, those disputes are as global as they are local, and they require forethought to avoid on the front end as much as rapid response on the back end when a dispute arises. Clark Hill PLC’s restrictive covenant group has you covered in this regard from coast-to-coast and beyond, relying on a skilled mix of employment, litigation, and business acumen to help its clients resolve these and other complex and valuable issues which arise for them in this professional context.

For us, it starts with trying to prevent unfair competition with our clients in the first place. This means protecting trade secrets, unique technologies, and other business assets from unlawful theft at the outset, including by developing internal and external controls to better ensure their physical immobility while also maximizing the legal protections bestowed upon them. Moreover, no matter where you are located, we can skillfully draft your employee and executive contracts, your non-competition agreements, your confidentiality pledges, and your non-solicitation clauses to ensure they are in legal compliance for the necessary people, and so they are appropriately tailored to your business and industry.

If a departing employee attempts to violate any such provision, or if another organization accuses you of a violation of such an agreement in connection with your hire and engagement of workers, the breadth of our litigation experience across all sectors – whether in arbitration or court, for a matter seeking damages or injunctive relief – has you well-covered. We have not only brought such suits for our clients with excellent results, we have also defended them vigorously with equal success, so you are well-equipped to protect your business in any form of unfair competition, trade secret, or restrictive covenant litigation with us right next to you, no matter what side of the dispute you are on.