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From the casino floor to mobile apps and website wagering, options for gaming are now as varied as the state laws regulating them. Clark Hill’s Gaming industry group assists gaming organizations and entertainment companies seeking to grow their clientele and capitalize on opportunities in the new marketplace.

As many forms of gaming become more widely accepted and legalized throughout the United States, the need for legal counsel to guide the decisions of gaming industry leaders is also growing. To navigate the new laws for gaming and entertainment organizations, our Gaming attorneys provide counsel on issues involving compliance and regulatory matters, intellectual property rights, corporate transactions, government relations, and banking laws.

Gaming industry clients and other hospitality and entertainment facilities seek additional counsel from our team for real estate issues, cybersecurity protection, contract review, and tax matters.

Gaming organizations and private individuals rely on our gaming lawyers before state and local government agencies, including state gaming agencies and lobbying and administrative hearings. We assist gaming clients with operations and regulatory matters related to online and casino gaming as well as the manufacturing and distribution of gaming equipment.

Our Gaming attorneys have served as general counsel for publicly traded gaming companies, obtained leadership positions in entertainment management businesses, and represent clients with gaming matters throughout the United States and abroad.

We are experienced in the following areas within the gaming industry:

  • Casinos
  • Hospitality
  • Resorts
  • Online betting
  • Gaming vendors
  • Restaurant and bar gaming platforms
  • Gaming equipment manufacturers