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Clark Hill attorneys have extensive experience in protecting the interests of all types of owners, including commercial, industrial, office, agricultural, and residential properties, vacant and improved land, and total and partial takings.

We evaluate the scope of the takings and have successfully challenged the necessity or public use of project and negotiated more favorable easements. As to just compensation, we work with clients to assess what classes of compensation apply, taking into consideration the highest and best use of the property and all claims such as business interruption, fixtures, and cost to cure. We take all of the necessary steps to ensure adequate and just compensation to the landowner, including litigation. Finally, we seek all additional reimbursements allowed in the particular jurisdiction.

On the government side, we represent a wide range of public entities in their condemnation needs, including county road commissions, county drain commissioners, municipalities, counties, utilities, and state, regional and local authorities. Our attorneys act quickly and decisively to secure property rights on a timely basis. We also are called upon to advise clients in the pre-condemnation stages to evaluate whether the project meets the constitutional requirement of a “public purpose.” Also, we assist in pre-condemnation events such as securing land and document inspections to assess the possible damages as a result of the property acquisition.