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Real Estate

Property Owner Condemnation Services

Property owners facing a potential condemnation who delay consulting with a condemnation practitioner risk waiving substantive rights. Clark Hill attorneys are experienced in condemnation and knowledge of all aspects of eminent domain law ranging from necessity and jurisdictional challenges to the determination of just compensation. We have extensive experience handling all types of condemnation proceedings and all classes of real estate, including retail, industrial, office, and residential, whether vacant or improved.

Our attorneys have represented property owners in eminent domain takings involving vacant or improved commercial, industrial, development and residential properties initiated by agencies including state departments of transportation, local municipalities, county road or drain commissions, airports and private agencies such as electric transmission line and pipeline companies. Our attorneys are involved in all aspects of eminent domain proceedings, from responding to good faith offers, settlement, trial, and appeal.

Although any private property is subject to government taking, property owners have substantial rights. The government or another agency like a utility company face restrictions when it seeks to acquire property as the acquisition must be for a public use and the scope of the taking must be necessary for the project. The government or utility must follow procedural requirements and must provide just compensation for the taking. In addition, property owners are generally entitled to receive reimbursement of reasonable attorney fees and expert witness expenses.

We have handled eminent domain and condemnation proceedings for all types of projects. Whether the government plans to take land to create a new roadway, or a utility company seeking right relating to electrical transmission lines, we can effectively represent the landowner. We will work to ensure clients receive just compensation for their property and that they do not surrender more of their property than required.

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