While the agriculture industry has existed for centuries, it has become increasingly complex and regulated in recent years.

Clark Hill’s attorneys have a wealth of experience in representing clients involved with all facets of agriculture, including energy, environmental, corporate, labor, and political law. Our attorneys assist clients to ensure they remain compliant with new government regulations and advise them on the operational features of their agricultural business. 

Our attorneys have handled various environmental aspects of concentrated animal feeding operation facilities (CAFO), including permitting, nuisance suits, government enforcement, and a Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) suit brought against numerous CAFO permittees.

Our attorneys have also handled numerous environmental issues for dairy, beef, and poultry manufacturing and packaging companies, including feed yards, processing, quick freeze, and transportation.


Our corporate attorneys advise corporate clients through all phases of their life cycle – planning, formation, growth, and exit, whether through acquisition, merger, or public offering. We represent private and publicly traded clients, across multiple industries, such as agriculture, automotive, building materials, construction, dairy processing, health care, oil and gas, and energy services, outsourcing, real estate, and technology.

Energy Use and Production

We understand that effective energy management is a process that includes identifying a system that best meets a company’s needs, negotiating strong, enforceable agreements between the client and vendor, and using the information gathered to achieve energy efficiency, procurement, self-generation, and other goals. Our highly experienced energy team offers a unique consulting service that combines the expertise of highly regarded energy management professionals along with the targeted legal counsel of our energy and utility law attorneys.

Environmental Permitting, Compliance and Litigation

We assist clients with all matters of environmental issues, from obtaining air, water, wetland, and other permits, to counseling on agricultural water,  waste and byproduct management issues. From small family-owned farms to international concerns, we regularly represent clients in defending administrative and regulatory investigations and actions, as well as litigating land use and natural resource issues. We also assist with environmental due diligence when our clients are acquiring real estate, acquiring other entities or divesting themselves of real estate.

Estate Planning

We have extensive experience with the complex tax and probate laws that apply to your situation and take pride in our ability to explain practical and understandable solutions for your situation.

Food Safety Modernization Act, USDA, and FDA Compliance

Our attorneys have broad experience handling FDA regulatory matters, transportation and import/export issues, civil and criminal enforcement, intellectual property, unfair competition, and product liability defense.


Our Immigration attorneys and professionals have more than 100 years of combined experience in a wide range of US immigration laws and processes. We represent corporate and individual clients in various industries on all types of nonimmigrant and immigrant visa applications and petitions, providing extensive planning and guidance throughout the immigration process.

Labor and Employment

Our team represents employers on all matters pertaining to and involving unions, including union organizing campaigns, elections, and collective bargaining, as well as responding to and filing unfair labor practice charges, advising employers in establishing double-breasted operations, and addressing withdrawal liability.


Our experience is as wide and varied as our clients’ businesses and legal needs. Our client base includes public and private corporations, charitable organizations, educational and nonprofit institutions, municipalities, governmental agencies, and individual enterprises. 

Real Estate

For decades, our firm has successfully represented clients investing in, owning, leasing, developing, constructing, financing, and disposing of real estate-related assets. We are recognized for our talent and skills across the broadest spectrum of real estate activities.

Regulatory Counselling

We counsel clients regarding the implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and the rules implementing the law and related regulatory guidance concerning preventive controls, produce safety, foreign supplier verification, third-party auditors, sanitary transport, and Mitigation Strategies to Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration. We further counsel clients regarding facility and product licensing, registration, supplier and supply chain compliance, supplier verification, track and trace, supply agreements, and establishing and revising policies and procedures and on the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA). We handle issues concerning labeling, claims substantiation, new dietary ingredients (NDI), packaging and food contact substances, and the changing landscape of foods and additives generally regarded as safe (GRAS). Our team is adept at addressing and responding to governmental enforcement and emerging and emergent product adulteration and labeling issues.