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Employee Benefits/ERISA & Compliance

Public Sector Employee Benefits

Our Employee Benefits team offers extensive experience representing public sector clients in all areas of employee benefits law.

We have provided comprehensive legal counsel to many public sector clients concerning employment and employee benefits-related matters in addition to other relevant legal issues, such as litigation, government relations advocacy, and public finance/bond counsel.

Our firm delivers experience gained over decades of public sector law practice and the significant resources of our other specialties, cutting-edge practice technology, and an array of other resources that provide our clients with cost-effective, timely counsel. Where other lawyers might expend hours in researching a question or in finding a suitable “pattern” to follow in a transaction, our attorneys can often address an issue quickly because we maintain vast databases to use to support us in a particular matter or transaction.

We understand the laws which relate to governmental plans, including the inapplicability of ERISA and various provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. We represent many large governmental pension plans on tax compliance, fiduciary, and investment matters. We have several attorneys who are members of the National Association of Public Pension Attorneys (NAPPA).