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Construction Law

Project Administration

Our attorneys are frequently involved with projects from their inception.

Pre-Design Phase

During the pre-design phase, Clark Hill attorneys assist in:

  • Forming joint ventures and limited liability companies
  • Procuring project financing
  • Assisting with site acquisition
  • Facilitating environmental audits
  • Preparing/reviewing requests for proposals

Design Phase

Our attorneys are equally adept at drafting, modifying, and negotiating various types of project agreements, including prime contracts, subcontracts, construction management agreements, engineering agreements, and design-build documents, whether prepared in-house or by such recognized industry organizations as the American Institute of Architects, Associated General Contractors of America, and Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee. While the focus of such contract drafting and negotiation is directed at an analysis of proposed risk allocation among contracting parties, evaluation of partnering and other dispute avoidance techniques, and a critique of project documentation and communication schemes, this focus is tempered by and adjusted for each client’s overall business objectives and risk tolerance.

Build & Closeout Phase

Often, the best way to avoid a costly project dispute is to address it early. Our construction attorneys provide a broad range of services:

  • Assisting with labor-management disputes
  • Resolving disagreements over progress payments
  • Scope Creep and associated costs
  • Investigating accidents
  • Evaluating insurance coverage
  • Interpreting contract provisions

In the event project dynamics are such that a mutually satisfactory, informal dispute resolution is not possible, the construction group is equally well-versed in documenting schedule delays and cost overruns during the project, and in perfecting lien and bond claims.