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Construction Law

Claim Prosecution & Defense

Clark Hill often handles cases involving millions of dollars and complex legal issues.

The Construction group is frequently engaged to prosecute or defend claims involving contract disputes, design professional, contractor, owner, and developer liability, project delay, disruption, acceleration, mechanics liens, stop notices and payment bond claims, prevailing wage and labor issues, construction accidents, differing site conditions, and design defects. Whether analyzing loss of productivity using a measured mile, determining the extent to which a delaying event impacts the critical path, assessing the applicability of a no-damages-for-delay provision, or addressing home office overhead claims under the Eichleay formula, attorneys in the construction group are intimately familiar with the types of liability and damages issues that arise in construction disputes. This broad experience has allowed our Construction group to develop streamlined approaches to case management, which reduce legal expenses while enhancing the possibility of achieving the best possible result. Our use of the latest computer technology and our established relationships with a wide range of construction consultants and experts allow our attorneys to narrow the scope of the dispute and provide an early evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of a particular case.

We regularly resolve claims for defects in construction, design, and related products, as well as mechanic’s lien disputes and claims for delay, payment, performance bonds, warranty, and completion. We also advise on claims involving consumer fraud, deceptive trade practices, and the express and implied warranty claims typically asserted in today’s consumer-oriented environment.