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With many aspects of the entertainment industry becoming increasingly mobilized and digitized, clients require counsel to ensure the protection and success of their products and services. Whether matters involve event ticketing, the distribution of music, or the protection of intellectual property, Clark Hill’s Entertainment lawyers craft solutions that enable clients to grow their audiences and protect their brands.

Entertainment industry clients benefit from our ability to offer a full range of services from our corporate, intellectual property, labor and employment, immigration, litigation, and tax attorneys. Our Government and Regulatory Affairs professionals work to give a voice to entertainment clients on important issues on the state and national levels. 

The Entertainment Industry Team advises and counsels:

  • Independent film and television production companies
  • Film studios
  • Production lenders and equity investors
  • Above-the-line talent
  • Production service providers/vendors
  • Writers and development companies
  • Film exhibitors
  • Musicians, songwriters, and music publishers
  • Music promoters and venues
  • Record labels, management companies, and distributors
  • Video game and interactive media professionals
  • Authors, illustrators, and print media publishers

Film & Television Productions

Experienced entertainment attorneys are required at every step of the production process. We provide production legal services for film and television projects shooting in locations throughout the country, and our professionals handle talent agreements, labor and employment issues (including negotiation with local labor unions and the industry guilds), location agreements, local permitting, and vendor contracts on behalf of independent production companies. We also represent production services companies that provide the goods and services necessary for any quality production project. In addition to production legal services, we represent producers and distributors in the negotiation of distribution arrangements for all media. Development companies and writers also rely on our entertainment lawyers to assist with the legal aspects of creating, selling, and acquiring stories and scripts.

Film Exhibitors

Local and regional cinema owners have sought our guidance to grow, change and adapt their business models to stay on the leading edge of the changes in the business. New film exhibition technology and the rapid growth of large screen facilities nationwide requires exhibitors to have legal counsel that can help them set the pace ahead of their competitors.

Interactive Media and Video Games

In this fast-growing sector of the entertainment industry, developers, producers, and distributors of interactive media content receive from our team the legal services necessary to handle their intellectual property and corporate needs.


As the music industry changes rapidly, we remain engaged with clients as they adapt and shape the future of the business. Artists, record labels, management companies, concert promoters, and venues rely on our professionals to provide legal services that are compatible with the changing technologies and prevailing practices in music. Whether it is handling the copyright registration of music, the establishment of publishing entities for the collection of performance royalties, or the negotiation of licensing transactions, we have our music industry clients covered.

Print Media 

Book, newspaper, and magazine publishers have had to rework business models and long-established industry standards to remain viable in the face of advances in technology and economic challenges. Our Entertainment team represents clients working in all aspects of print media and provides legal services that enable writers, illustrators, and publishers to maintain the edge they need to continue to create, develop and distribute content on the printed page.

Event Ticketing

As a result of the growing importance of live event revenue, issues in event ticketing have become increasingly prevalent. Our Entertainment team has more than two decades of experience providing legal services related to ticketing. Our ticketing experience is wide-ranging and includes providing advice on legislative and legal matters, internet commerce, and the rights and obligations of ticket issuers, buyers, and sellers.