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Immigration Law

I-9 Audits & Compliance

Every employer must have an I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form completed for every employee they employ in the U.S. The consequences of not complying with I-9 rules and requirements are costly.

Identify and Assess Risk Areas

  • Is the employer aware of compliance requirements?
  • Have any processes or procedures been put in place?
  • Are there immediately identifiable red flags?

Develop or Revise Policies and Procedures

  • Assist employer to establish or amend processes and procedures to ensure I-9s are completed correctly and timely
  • Advise on proper storage, retention, and destruction policies
  • Establish policies in the event of audit or investigation

Train and Educate

  • Prepare materials and conduct training for management and employees on I-9 compliance
  • Continually advise on new rules and regulations

Monitor and Audit 

  • Monitor efficacy of, and compliance with, I-9 policies and procedures

Revise and Adapt

  • Revise policies and procedures to increase efficiencies, correct deficiencies, and adapt to changes in I-9 rules and regulations


  • Advise and defend employers subject to I-9 audit
  • Negotiate with government agencies to reduce fines and penalties for non-compliance