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As the inflationary economic period following the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, the need for connecting communities and knowledgeable housing professionals to create affordable housing is key to sustaining economic growth.

Whether a development involves affordable housing in urban areas, workforce housing, or the preservation of existing low-income housing, each affordable housing development faces its own unique challenges as it balances priorities within budgetary constraints while navigating a complex web of government regulations.

Creating an adequate supply of ownership and rental housing that is safe, healthy, and affordable to people of all income levels, races, and ages, and suitable for their various needs is not just a matter of pouring concrete, erecting walls, and shingling a roof. Leaders through this process must have a deeper understanding of the complex mechanisms and regulations used to develop affordable housing. This work requires a team.

Clark Hill affordable housing attorneys represent and work with a broad spectrum of professionals and stakeholders who initiate and develop housing communities. Our affordable housing lawyers have the dual mission of representing public housing authorities as well as for-profit and nonprofit developers, lenders, and investors who build, finance, and operate the highest-quality affordable housing developments in the market.

Our Housing Authorities Working Group provides all manner of representation and analysis for public housing authorities at various governmental levels throughout the country.

At the same time, our Affordable Housing Development and Financing Working Group concentrates on the developers, lenders, syndicators, general contractors, and property management companies that create and maintain those units of clean, safe, and affordable living.

Working together, both groups are able to provide unique insights and solutions to the many challenges faced by local communities and others seeking to address the critical need for affordable housing in our country.