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Post-Merger Integration Challenges in the Cannabis Industry

1:00 PM ET

To ensure an achievable post-merger integration plan, acquirers should follow a proven methodology that defines the integration steps and benefits both organizations. A clear M&A integration plan helps align expectations and will replace employee’s skepticism with optimism.

Join us for a thoughtful discussion which will cover M&A project integration plan outlines. As well, we will discuss the timeline for major resources, assets, and processes of the acquiring and acquired companies that will be combined in order to achieve the goals of the deal. 

Robert Hoban, Member at Clark Hill will moderate. Tanisha Robinson, Chief Transformation Officer at The Parent Group, John Ruther, and Matthew Rizzo, Managing Directors at O’Keefe will serve as the panel.

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2024 Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Laws Summit Chicago

This event will include a panel discussion with expert industry leaders, offering a deep dive into the most pressing issues and advancements in AI and data privacy laws. You’ll gain critical knowledge and explore the implications of AI in legal and privacy domains so you can update your practices to reflect the highest standards of data stewardship.

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WEBINAR: The Race to 2024: Politics and Social Media in the Workplace and Employer Rights.

Over the last several years, employers have seen and continue to see increased political activities from their employees at work and on social media platforms, including on business-related social media platforms, like LinkedIn. Managing employee expression causes unique challenges for employers and HR professionals, and in a General Election year, these challenges are likely to increase as the Presidential race, and other races, heat up.

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Webinar: A Cookieless Future and Promise of PETs: A Primer on Privacy Enhancing Technologies

This webinar will explore PETs – we will define what they are, what problems PETs exist to address, and emerging PET standards including the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) draft guidance on how to evaluate PET effectiveness. We will provide specific PET use cases and discuss how PETs may be utilized to address the phase out of third party cookies by certain browsers for purposes of targeted advertising.

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