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While many family law matters begin in a deeply emotional time for both parties and their children, Clark Hill seeks to resolve these disputes in a collaborative manner. Through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution, our team strives to help families amicably and efficiently resolve their matters.

Family law clients receive guidance from our team through matters involving divorce, custody, child support, parenting time, adoption, paternity, and more.

Our family law attorneys are trained and experienced in mediation and collaborative law. Resolution of family issues through negotiation is strongly encouraged in most situations. Alternate dispute resolution is usually less expensive and less disruptive while maintaining family privacy. We recognize that litigants remain parents who continue to raise their children after the legal issues have been resolved. Our attorneys work with clients to help them maximize their opportunity to cooperatively co-parent their children.

Clients benefit from our firm’s full range of legal services to receive assistance with issues that arise as a result of divorce and other family-related changes, such as estate planning, succession planning, business/corporate matters, real estate, and immigration issues.