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Estate Planning Services

Estate Planning & Probate

Estate planning and probate are at the heart of Clark Hill’s competencies. Our team delivers peace of mind to individuals, families, and corporate trustees seeking to transition assets from one generation to the next. We are efficient, responsive, and are cognizant of the magnitude and responsibility of multi-generational wealth preservation and transfer.

Our extensive national team drafts wills, trust agreements, durable powers of attorney, designations of patient advocate, and other documents that support effective estate and tax strategy. We are, however, known for far more than these legal instruments. We provide practical, comprehensive steps to address the tax-sensitive distribution of assets to beneficiaries.

Additionally, we offer top-tier advice and solutions regarding a wide range of issues involving asset protection, probate, and trust administration. Perhaps most importantly, we stand shoulder to shoulder with clients in procedural and substantive issues regarding contested and uncontested estate and trust matters and are experienced in serving the specialized needs of the elderly, the infirm, and those unable to handle their own affairs because of immaturity or incapacity.

The size of our team is unusual from most law firm models. Many firms have only a few attorneys across all offices that concentrate in the estate planning and probate area. Our team includes more than forty lawyers that concentrate in this area.  The number of attorneys we have in this practice demonstrates Clark Hill’s commitment to not only the practice area but in providing this valuable and much needed service to our clients. Our skill in estate planning, more than several centuries of combined experience, credentialing as Board Certified estate planners, and as Fellows in the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel give us a real edge in terms of efficiency and the flexibility to charge for estate planning services often on a flat-fee basis.

As an extension of the estate planning process, our team is able to assist executors, administrators, trustees, and beneficiaries through the administration process. When disputes arise, we are able to act as mediators and arbitrators. We are also able to aggressively litigate and advocate our client’s position through the trial and appellate courts. Our attorneys remain ever mindful that in family situations, a solution reached among the parties outside the courts is often the best result over the long-term.