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Clark Hill Attorneys Secure Summary Judgment Ruling in Philadelphia

February 20, 2023

Clark Hill attorneys Andrew Carroll and Lisa Eldridge successfully secured a motion for summary judgment in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia in early January.

The case stems from the breakup of a family business in 2015 and monies allegedly owed by Carroll and Eldridge’s clients.  Over six years later, the company filed suit for breach of contract against the clients demanding, among other things, that the clients pay more than $700,000 for loans allegedly taken out before the business breakup.

Carroll and Eldridge successfully argued that no loans were made to the clients and even if they were, the loans were subject to a four-year statute of limitations not the six-year limit that Plaintiffs argued applied. The Court agreed, holding that the alleged loans were revolving lines of credit and thus the extended statute of limitations provided for in the Uniform Commercial Code did not apply.

“It was a very important lawsuit for our clients so it was great to secure a clean victory for them, without the expense and stress of going to trial.” Eldridge said.

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