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Professional Development and Mentoring Program

Clark Hill’s professional development initiative utilizes industry best practices and a competency-based curriculum to promote quality, continuous learning opportunities for our lawyers and paralegals throughout their career progression with the firm. The firm values the diverse and talented group of professionals who embody our DNA and strive to broaden their legal learning and development both individually and collectively to better serve as trusted advisors to our clients nationwide.

The Clark Hill Core Competency Model for Attorneys features six core competencies that reflect the skills expectations for our attorneys and drive the learning programs and curriculum made available to our legal talent to further their substantive and legal skills training.

First Year Attorney Intensive Training Program
Clark Hill is committed to investing resources to promote the career development and overall success of their professionals both within the firm and the legal community at large. New hires who have joined the firm after successfully serving in the summer associate program will participate in an intensive two-day training program featuring best of class external providers and in-house talent presenting substantive content on subjects including negotiation and oral and written communication skills in combination with legal “soft skills” training covering leadership, time keeping, and client development and management issues.

Global and Practice-Specific Development Opportunities
Clark Hill attorneys and paralegals at all levels are exposed to programming designed to provide both substantive and legal skills training. Learning opportunities are provided on a firm-wide basis to cover topics including oral advocacy and drafting skills, noteworthy changes to rules of practice, professionalism, and business development. Further, customized training is developed and tailored to suit the professional’s particular practice or specialty within the firm. CLE accreditation is sought for those offices with mandatory reporting requirements.

Attorney Guides and Mentorship
Fostering an environment focused on professional growth and learning is further supported through the Clark Hill Mentoring Program. A mentor relationship is established for each new Clark Hill associate upon his or her arrival at the firm. The assignment of mentors or attorney guides can be based both on areas of specialty and race and/or gender, depending, in part, on the associate’s preference. Mentors are carefully selected and matched following approval by the practice group leaders.

Each Clark Hill mentor is tasked with assisting his or her mentee with their adjustment to the profession, the firm, and its culture. Mentors provide one-on-one guidance relating to an associate’s navigation through the firm and regarding the establishment and attainment of individual career goals and performance reviews. The mentor relationship is monitored and routinely adjusted to further the interests of the mentee throughout their given career path.