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White Collar Criminal Defense

Influenced Prosecutorial Decision Making

Clark Hill attorneys aggressively work on behalf of our clients to ensure that any charges levied by the government are not overstated. Minimizing accusations at the beginning of a case will help clients avoid costly fines, and oftentimes, incarceration.

Our years of experience defending clients help us to quickly get to the heart of any charge, helping us to determine what needs to be defended and, more importantly, what can be immediately dismissed.

Misguided Prosecutions

White collar criminal investigations aren’t going away any time soon. In fact, in recent years, there has been a significant increase in federal and state governments charging executives with white collar crimes. In this environment, prosecutors often make mistakes, and worse, many cases are simply frivolous.

Our attorneys have worked with clients on numerous occasions to effectively counter misguided prosecutorial efforts, and successfully had cases dismissed before they’ve reached the courtroom or a preliminary hearing.