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Grand Jury investigations have unique perils and potential risks that are best addressed by lawyers with that specific experience. Clark Hill attorneys have significant experience in grand jury investigation matters.

From the production of documents through the testimony of witnesses at hearings, we understand the significance and importance of each stage of a grand jury investigation. Our attorneys understand the nature and behavior of grand juries, and can effectively prepare clients for each stage of an investigation.

Federal Agents

The appearance of federal agents at a client’s place of business can be one of the most stressful and life-altering moments in the lifespan of a business. Our qualified team can help you through this very daunting initial phase of a white-collar criminal investigation.

Oftentimes, how the client and their attorneys react during the primary phase of an investigation will either positively or adversely affect the outcome of the case. Most mistakes that undermine a case are made at this stage, as emotions are high, and clients typically react in an atypical manner.

Our team of former federal prosecutors and agents guide clients through the critical first steps of an investigation, which will ultimately help you with the final results of your case.

Search Warrants

Similar to reacting to federal agents, we know a client will not react favorably to being served with a search warrant. The language can be overwhelming, at least, and oftentimes is terrifying for a client who has probably never been in legal trouble prior.

That’s why it’s important to have an attorney already identified in case you were ever to come under investigation.

Our attorneys help clients understand the nuanced language contained in a warrant, where you need to take immediate action, and what can wait. We also help clients to effectively and appropriately work with federal agents when they are on site at their place of business.