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More than 50 years ago, Title IX was enacted to promote equity in educational settings. Title IX prohibits sex-based discrimination, including sexual violence, sexual harassment, and hostile environment based on sex, including sexual orientation and gender expression. All academic institutions receiving federal funds are required to comply with Title IX’s mandates. Title IX has been amended and reformed over time and it remains an important and often difficult compliance area for schools.

To meet client needs, Clark Hill has assembled a robust and well-balanced Title IX team working in all facets of Title IX law, assisting academic institutions and individuals when representation is needed for matters involving Title IX. At Clark Hill, we understand all sides of a situation and drive toward fairness for all.

What Sets Us Apart

Given the vulnerability of students and the obligations of educational institutions under Title IX, Clark Hill has built its Title IX practice with the belief that it’s essential to have attorneys with varied experiences and perspectives in order to help institutions, students/families, and faculty navigate the complex and nuanced world of Title IX compliance, disciplinary proceedings, and litigation.

Those of us who work in this area care deeply about the academic institutions, students, and faculty we work with and work to ensure that all parties have a fair process when discipline or sanctions are considered for Title IX violations. We believe that by offering a full suite of services driven by an understanding of all sides of the Title IX equation, partnered with our neutral practice, our Title IX Team is uniquely qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable about the intricacies of this ever-changing area of the law.