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Sandi Duncan has more than two decades of experience with intellectual property matters, including, but not limited to filing and prosecution of U.S. and international patent applications and filing and managing trademark applications in the U.S. and internationally.

Sandi Duncan’s knowledge includes preliminary patent searches, providing cost estimates to clients for their intellectual property matters, U.S. and foreign patent prosecution, and the payment of maintenance fees for issued U.S. patents and issued and pending foreign patent applications. Sandi also has extensive knowledge of rules and procedures relative to patent application filing and prosecution in many foreign countries.

She prepares and electronically files documents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and internationally via the PCT. She provides instructions to foreign associates for international patent application filings and works in concert with them from filing through granting of patents in their respective countries.  Sandi prepares and provides extensive communications to clients; prepares and files Information Disclosure Statements, and monitors the firm’s intellectual property docketing software. She also attends to maintenance of issued U.S. and issued and pending international patents and trademarks.