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Robert Hoban To Speak on Cannabis Industry to Oireachtas Members

February 28, 2023

Following a successful weekend of participating in the Cannabis Summit hosted by the International Cannabis Bar Association and Royal Dublin Society, Member Robert Hoban and other Clark Hill Cannabis attorneys have been invited to speak by Senator Lynn Ruane at Leinster House to Oireachtas members on Tuesday, Feb. 28.

While the medicinal use of cannabis was legalized in Ireland in 2019, it remains illegal for recreational use. Regulation of cannabis has grown substantially over the past 10 years globally, with the United States and Canada currently leading due to legislation being created for medical use, and for personal use in many American states. However, Europe is projected to dwarf these markets by 2028, with an industry value of €123billion.

Europe’s estimated growth is 500% for the medicinal use of cannabis over the next three years as medical evidence continues to support appropriate prescribed medicinal applications.

Hoban and the Clark Hill team will provide Oireachtas members with a review of the global cannabis industry, advice on cannabis regulations involving benefits, corporate business structures, and taxation, and tools for giving opportunities to corporations based in Ireland.

On Feb. 25, Hoban participated in the Industry Leaders Panel as part of the Cannabis Summit, which provided attendees with an overview of cannabis from industrial, legal, public policy, and medical perspectives.

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