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Clark Hill Moves Denver Location

June 19, 2023

Clark Hill announced today that its Denver office has moved to a new location in the Lower Downtown district near Union Station.

With the move, Clark Hill is doubling its square footage in Denver from 6,000 square feet to just over 12,000. The expansion reflects the success of Clark Hill’s Cannabis Industry Group and the firm’s plans to build a full-service offering for clients out of its Denver office.

“Our Denver location will still be a hub for cannabis work at the firm, but we’re looking to attract talented attorneys with practices in other industries to serve a broader audience,” said Denver Member-in-Charge Robert Hoban.

The new location has been built from scratch and features robust technology enhancements, several conference rooms equipped to encourage internal and external collaboration, a kitchen space, and a quiet meditation room. The office layout presents a hoteling floorplan to allow for frequent visitors and a rotating roster of attorneys working in the office and from home.

“Our new space will also enable us to host firm events or on behalf of our clients,” said Denver Office Manager Allie Havling. “Our previous location in the Central Business District treated us very well, but we’re excited to grow and offer a tremendous office experience for our staff and clients.”

By moving to Denver’s Lower Downtown neighborhood, Clark Hill’s new location is close to many hotels and restaurants, Union Station, and the A-Line from Denver International Airport.

“This area is well-known in Denver as a dynamic, hip, everchanging, and sophisticated area,” Hoban said. “The neighborhood is more accessible and will be more welcoming to clients, colleagues, and visitors.”

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