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Clark Hill Attorney Vanessa Kelly Named in The New Jersey 2021 Legal Awards

September 21, 2021

Clark Hill attorney Vanessa Kelly was recently named in The New Jersey 2021 Legal Awards in the Mentor of the Year category.

When interviewed by the New Jersey Law Journal, Kelly says, “Mentors are important in many fields, but essential for a legal career. Law school prepares a student for the rigorous thinking and scholarship needed in this profession. However, it does not simulate day-to-day lawyering. It does not prepare you for the complexities of client relationships or providing advice to real problems. I remember the shock that I first experienced when a client’s concern did not have a straightforward answer and there was no case law answer. That is where the art of lawyering comes in—reasoning a way forward with the least amount of risk to the client. Less experienced attorneys learn this “art” through coaching, practice, feedback and by observing more seasoned colleagues.”

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Vanessa Kelly strategizes with employers to minimize their legal risks and optimize the employee experience, to help companies focus on their business.

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