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Compliance Strategies for AI/ML Technologies & Automated Tools: What In-House Professionals Need to Know

March 7, 2023
12:00 PM ET

In the age of innovation, many businesses are leveraging AI/ML technologies and automated decision-making tools to advance business objectives, save time and reduce costs.

Join us for a panel, which will consolidate the various laws, legislative proposals and technical guidance into actionable compliance strategies for your business.

Topics we will include:
• How to work with AI/ML vendors (due diligence, contractual arrangements);
• How to evaluate the use of AI/ML technologies and automated tools to ensure quality outcomes and prevent against bias and discrimination (bias audits and assessments);
• How to communicate the use of these technologies to impacted individuals;
• What rights to offer individuals who are impacted by a business use of AI/ML or automated tool technologies.

Presented by:
Myriah Jaworski, Member, Clark Hill
Carol Piovesan, Managing Director, INQ Consulting (Canada)
Shea Brown, AI Auditor,

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