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Clark Hill BOLD

Clark Hill BOLD encourages the professional growth and promotion of women throughout the firm, the legal profession, and the global business community. We aim to recruit and retain talented female attorneys and help them achieve greatness, while simultaneously targeting and removing obstacles based on gender. This spirit of boldness—among our women or throughout the rest of the firm—focuses on the implementation of firm-wide governing policies and opportunities to ensure promotion of women to departmental and firm leadership positions and committee memberships.


In the legal field, clients demand excellence, rightfully, in all aspects of our relationships with them. Looking beyond practice- and discipline-specific legal acumen, ClarkHill BOLD offers a range of training programs and events that specifically address women’s business development challenges. By overcoming these challenges, our female are better able to demonstrate valuable legal and business skills, identify, connect with and become key decision makers and leaders in the business community and affect positive outcomes on behalf of clients.


The legal profession requires its members to juggle billable-hour requirements, marketing expectations, family responsibilities, volunteer obligations and personal development goals. Balancing all this in a sustainable work-life balance isn’t easy. Far too often, finding balance presents false or unnecessary choices for women lawyers. ClarkHill BOLD identifies experienced mentors and encourages them to conduct regular, candid discussions with mentees about the realities and the rewards of excelling in the legal field. As a result, the women attorneys at Clark Hill have the information, resources and support needed to achieve effective personal growth, attain a rewarding, long-term career, sharpen their client focus and succeed in the courtroom, the boardroom and beyond.


Across the firm—from our Management, Recruiting, and Diversity and Inclusion committees, through our practice groups, industry teams and operational departments—the firm’s female partners are among the core leadership. This inclusion is a keystone for the firm’s vibrant culture that supports all its attorneys and staff and challenges to excel for themselves and for our clients. As we continue to recruit, retain and promote women throughout our organization, ClarkHill BOLD will remain a force in the development of fearless leaders well prepared to take the firm and our clients into the future.