Date Alert Author
11/23/20 Window On Washington - November 23, 2020, Vol. 4, Issue 47
11/19/20 Department of Defense Addresses Cybersecurity J. William Eshelman
11/19/20 Insight on Illinois John G. Fogarty Jr., Latasha R. Thomas
11/17/20 Closing the Loop in the (Renewable) Energy Cycle: Decommissioning Considerations for Renewables Maram T. Salaheldin, Patrick J. Larkin
11/17/20 The Illinois Gender Violence Act Now Covers Illinois Employers Paul E. Starkman, Amelia S. Newton
11/16/20 Window On Washington - November 16, 2020, Vol. 4, Issue 46
11/16/20 MDHHS Issues Gathering and Face Mask Order James "Jay" J. Fleming
11/11/20 Technology: The Key to Consumer Digital Engagement Under the Final Debt Collection Rule Joann Needleman, Leslie C. Bender, Ann E. Lemmo
11/09/20 Window On Washington - November 9, 2020, Vol. 4, Issue 45
11/06/20 California and the Ever-Changing Privacy Laws: The Brand-New California Privacy Rights Act Melissa K. Ventrone, Paul F. Schmeltzer
11/02/20 The CFPB Issues Regulation F, but the Debt Collection Rules Are Far From Final Joann Needleman, Leslie C. Bender, Ann E. Lemmo
11/02/20 Window On Washington - November 2, 2020, Vol. 4, Issue 44
10/30/20 Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Updates Order Regarding Gatherings - Specifically Requires Masks Joseph B. Urban
10/30/20 Alert: EPA Seeks Public Feedback on Guidance Documents Peter R. Thompson
10/29/20 New Jersey Enacts New Mandatory Health and Safety Standards to Combat Spike in COVID-19 Infection Rates and Increased Hospitalizations Vanessa M. Kelly, Melinda Lapan
10/29/20 New Trade Case on Imports of Polyester Textured Yarn from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam Mark R. Ludwikowski, R. Kevin Williams, William C. Sjoberg, Courtney G. Taylor, Dennis Devaney
10/28/20 Michigan Enacts Laws Limiting Employer Liability and Enhancing Employee Protections Related to COVID-19 Robert N. Dare, James "Jay" J. Fleming
10/26/20 Window On Washington - October 26, 2020, Vol. 4, Issue 43
10/21/20 Insight on Illinois John G. Fogarty Jr., Latasha R. Thomas
10/19/20 New Legislation Permits Continued Remote Meetings and Ratifies Actions from Previous Remote Meetings James "Jay" J. Fleming, Joseph B. Urban