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Clark Hill’s Water and Water Rights practice offers comprehensive water-related solutions.  Our experience encompasses water rights, water supply, water quality, groundwater, and the intricacies of the law of the Colorado River.  As water challenges in western regions increase, our depth of experience with both state and federal water laws ensures customized solutions for clients.

Our team of experienced attorneys excels in litigating water-related matters in both state and federal courts, and guiding our clients through groundwater issues.  Their instrumental role in mediating significant water disputes have earned them a reputation for excellence.  Our services extend to legislative advocacy for water resources, due diligence investigations, acquisition of water rights, conservation planning, and administrative permitting.  With our profound knowledge of water law, we serve a diverse clientele, ranging from cities and developers to ranchers, golf courses, and investors.

In Arizona, we have specific experience in litigating water matters in the General Stream Adjudication, guiding clients through the acquisition, perfection, and transfer of surface and groundwater rights, and obtaining certificates of assured and adequate water supply for development projects.  Our adeptness in assisting water users, whether in mining, agriculture, development, or utilities, is recognized throughout the state.  Our team is also well-versed in assisting Arizona clients with matters related to federal reclamation law, Indian water rights, and the law of the river.

With a pioneering history in U.S. water and natural resources law, Clark Hill remains a premier advocate for its clients, signifying our leadership and unwavering dedication in this critical practice area.