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Statement from Clark Hill's CEO

June 3, 2020

We are deeply saddened by the killing of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other African Americans at the hands of police officers. No words are sufficient to allay the pain many are feeling, but we know that our country is stronger when we stand together to eradicate racism, injustice and inequality. In the wake of this civil unrest, one of our foundational beliefs is timely: We are Stronger Together. We urge each of you to be a part of the solution. Inclusion matters. Everyone needs to be heard. We challenge all of our people to be a voice for those in need whether through pro bono service or other appropriate means. We are expanding our internal efforts to provide additional training on the significance of inclusion and equality. We stand with all of our employees and communities we serve, as well as the clients we represent. We are committed to being part of the solution. Stronger ∞ Together.

John Hern, CEO

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