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Clark Hill Attorneys Selected for Inclusion in the 2020 Edition of Best Lawyers in America

August 15, 2019

150 Clark Hill and Clark Hill Strasburger attorneys have been selected for inclusion in the 2020 edition of Best Lawyers in America. Nine attorneys are recognized with the “Lawyer of the Year” distinction: 

Daniel J. Bretz has been named Detroit, Michigan’s 2020 Labor Law – Management “Lawyer of the Year”

Jeffrey J. Conn has been named Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's 2020 Banking and Finance Law “Lawyer of the Year”

P. Douglas Folk has been named Scottsdale, Arizona’s 2020 Litigation – Construction “Lawyer of the Year”

Kevin S. Hendrick has been named Detroit, Michigan’s 2020 Construction Law “Lawyer of the Year”

Earsa R. Jackson has been named Dallas, Texas' 2020 Franchise Law “Lawyer of the Year”

Andrew L. Kerr has been named San Antonio, Texas’ 2020 Appellate Practice “Lawyer of the Year”

J. Thomas MacFarlane has been named Birmingham, Michigan’s 2020 Trusts and Estates “Lawyer of the Year”

Mark F. Nowak has been named Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s 2020 Construction Law “Lawyer of the Year”

Joseph A. Turano has been named Dallas, Texas' 2020 Medical Malpractice Law – Defendants “Lawyer of the Year”

Best Lawyers is the oldest peer-review publication in the legal profession. A listing in Best Lawyers is widely regarded by both clients and legal professionals as a significant honor, conferred on a lawyer by his or her peers. For more than three decades, Best Lawyers lists have earned the respect of the profession, the media, and the public, as the most reliable, unbiased source of legal referrals anywhere. The following attorneys have been selected for inclusion:

Austin, TX

  • Thomas K. Anson – Energy Regulatory Law
  • Duane Brescia – Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization Law
  • James T. Cameron – Real Estate Law
  • Kathryn M. Darling – Health Care Law
  • William D. Darling – Health Care Law
  • Robert M. O'Boyle – Commercial Litigation
  • Stephen A. Roberts – Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization Law; Litigation-Bankruptcy
  • Kevin M. Wood – Health Care Law

Birmingham, MI

  • Jordan Bolton – Litigation – Banking and Finance
  • Kevin A. Fanning – Commercial Litigation
  • John L. Gierak – Education Law; Employment Law-Management; Labor Law-Management
  • Edward C. Hammond – Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law
  • Douglas R. Kelly – Commercial Litigation
  • Ada Snyder Kerwin – Family Law; Family Law Arbitration; Family Law Mediation
  • J. Thomas MacFarlane –  Litigation-Trusts and Estates; Trusts and Estates
  • Paul S. Magy – Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization Law; Real Estate Law
  • Daniel H. Minkus – Corporate Law
  • Robert A. W. Strong – Administrative / Regulatory Law; Energy Law
  • Thomas F. Sweeney – Litigation-Trusts and Estates; Trusts and Estates
  • Linda Watson – Commercial Litigation
  • Anne-Marie Welch – Employment Law-Management

Chicago, IL                                     

  • Frank D. Ballantine – Mergers and Acquisitions Law
  • Ray J. Koenig III – Trusts and Estates
  • Nancy L. Schimmel – Banking and Finance Law

Dallas, TX

  • Luke D. Bailey – Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law
  • Diana J. Bearden – Real Estate Law
  • Jules S. Brenner – Corporate Law
  • Daniel L. Butcher – Tax Law
  • Duncan L. Clore – Construction Law
  • Bradley Fletcher – Trusts and Estates
  • Carol A. Glendenning – Corporate Law; Mergers and Acquisitions Law
  • Earsa R. Jackson – Franchise Law
  • P. Michael Jung  – Administrative / Regulatory Law; Appellate Practice; Bet-the-Company Litigation; Commercial Litigation; Land Use and Zoning Law
  • Michael Keeley – Construction Law; Insurance Law
  • Barbara A. Kennedy – Real Estate Law
  • David N. Kitner – Bet-the-Company Litigation; Commercial Litigation; Insurance Law; Litigation-Labor and Employment
  • Patrick J. Larkin – Environmental Law; Litigation-Environmental
  • David K. Meyercord – Corporate Law
  • Toni Scott Reed – Commercial Litigation
  • Joseph A. Turano – Medical Malpractice Law-Defendants
  • Christopher R. Ward – Construction Law; Insurance Law; Litigation-Construction
  • Allan C. Wisk – Real Estate Law
  • Robert J. Witte – Commercial Litigation

Detroit, MI

  • Anthony A. Agosta – Product Liability Litigation-Defendants
  • Fred W. Batten – Employment Law-Management; Labor Law-Management
  • Jay M. Berger – Construction Law
  • Jennifer A. Bielfield – Banking and Finance Law
  • Thomas P. Brady – Employment Law-Management; Labor Law-Management; Litigation-Labor and Employment
  • James E. Brenner – Appellate Practice
  • Daniel J. Bretz – Employment Law-Management; Labor Law-Management
  • Connie M. Cessante – Employment Law-Management; Litigation-Labor and Employment
  • David M. Cessante – Employment Law-Management; Labor Law-Management; Litigation-Labor and Employment
  • Paul W. Coughenour – Employment Law-Management; Labor Law-Management; Litigation-Labor and Employment
  • Martin E. Crandall – Litigation-Labor and Employment
  • Kevin M. DiDio – Corporate Law
  • Thomas M. Dixon – Litigation-Trusts and Estates; Trusts and Estates
  • Jeffrey M. Gallant – Litigation – Construction
  • David M. Hayes – Construction Law; Litigation-Construction
  • Kevin S. Hendrick – Arbitration; Construction Law; Litigation-Construction; Mediation
  • John P. Hensien – Corporate Law
  • John J. Hern, Jr. – Banking and Finance Law; Corporate Law; Mergers and Acquisitions Law
  • Edward J. Hood  – Litigation-Construction
  • Thomas M. Keranen – Construction Law; Litigation-Construction
  • Timothy M. Koltun – Real Estate Law
  • Peter B. Kupelian – Commercial Litigation; Litigation-Labor and Employment
  • William A. Moore – Employment Law-Management; Labor Law-Management
  • Michael P. Nowlan – Immigration Law
  • Andrew C. Richner – Government Relations Practice
  • Daniel J. Scully – Personal Injury Litigation-Defendants; Product Liability Litigation-Defendants
  • Richard A. Sundquist – Real Estate Law
  • Duane L. Tarnacki – Corporate Law; Nonprofit / Charities Law
  • Christopher M. Trebilcock – Employment Law-Management; Litigation-Labor and Employment
  • Reginald M. Turner, Jr. – Commercial Litigation; Employment Law-Management; Government Relations Practice; Labor Law-Management; Litigation – ERISA; Litigation-Labor and Employment; Litigation – Municipal
  • Robert M. Vercruysse – Employment Law-Management; Labor Law-Management; Litigation-Labor and Employment
  • Timothy D. Wittlinger – Commercial Litigation; Litigation-Construction

Frisco, TX

  • Sam Hallman – Corporate Law
  • Kimberly S. Moore – Employment Law-Management
  • John K. Round – Litigation-Trusts and Estates; Tax Law; Trusts and Estates
  • Scott Shanes – Commercial Litigation

Grand Rapids, MI

  • David W. Centner – Commercial Litigation
  • William B. Dunn – Real Estate Law
  • Sean Fitzgerald – Commercial Litigation
  • Ingrid A. Jensen – Real Estate Law
  • Grant Pecor – Labor Law – Management
  • Barbara A. Ruga – Education Law
  • James R. Stadler – Employment Law-Management
  • Steven F. Stapleton – Commercial Litigation
  • Steven J. Tjapkes – Litigation-Trusts and Estates; Trusts and Estates
  • Stephen D. Turner – Appellate Practice; Commercial Litigation; Litigation-Environmental; Litigation-Intellectual Property; Litigation-Labor and Employment

Houston, TX

  • Michael J. Cenatiempo – Litigation-Trusts and Estates; Trusts and Estates
  • Richard D. Fladung – Litigation-Patent
  • W. Garney Griggs – Admiralty and Maritime Law; Corporate Law; Energy Law
  • Elizabeth B. Kamin – Commercial Litigation
  • F. William Mahley – Admiralty and Maritime Law
  • Bijan R. Siahatgar – Admiralty and Maritime Law
  • Jana H. Woelfel – Employment Law-Management

Lansing, MI

  • Roderick S. Coy – Administrative / Regulatory Law; Communications Law; Energy Law
  • Charles A. Lawler – Commercial Litigation
  • Michael J. Pattwell – Litigation-Environmental

Los Angeles, CA

  • James C. Earle – Construction Law
  • Richard H. Nakamura – Appellate Practice
  • Rafael G. Nendel-Flores – Employment Law-Management

Philadelphia, PA

  • Robert W. Tomilson – Insurance Law

Pittsburgh, PA

  • Paul D. Bangor – Patent Law; Trademark Law
  • Peter K. Blume – Corporate Law
  • Mario R. Bordogna – Employment Law-Management; Litigation-Labor and Employment
  • Danny P. Cerrone, Jr. – Construction Law
  • Hal D. Coffey – Real Estate Law
  • Jeffrey J. Conn – Banking and Finance Law; Securitization and Structured Finance Law
  • Jarrod J. Duffy – Corporate Law
  • Joshua M. Farber – Real Estate Law
  • Scott E. Henderson – First Amendment Law; Litigation – First Amendment; Media Law
  • Sara A. Mercer – Trusts and Estates
  • Kurt A. Miller – Employment Law-Management; Labor Law-Management
  • Mark F. Nowak – Commercial Litigation; Construction Law; Litigation-Construction
  • Charles G. O'Hara – Health Care Law
  • James R. Olson – Closely Held Companies and Family Businesses Law
  • Robert J. Ridge – Criminal Defense: White-Collar; Litigation – Securities
  • John C. Rodney – Tax Law
  • D. Craig Russell III – Banking and Finance Law
  • Jerri A. Ryan – Commercial Litigation
  • Randolph T. Struk – Commercial Litigation; Personal Injury Litigation-Defendants
  • James P. Thomas – Litigation-Labor and Employment
  • James H. Webster – Public Finance Law
  • Keith H. West – Tax Law; Trusts and Estates

Princeton, NJ

  • Mark R. Kossow – Tax Law
  • Steven M. Richman – International Trade and Finance Law

San Antonio, TX

  • Judith R. Blakeway – Antitrust Law; Commercial Litigation; Litigation-Antitrust; Litigation-Intellectual Property
  • Stanley L. Blend – Litigation and Controversy-Tax; Tax Law
  • Taylor S. Boone – Trusts and Estates
  • Cynthia Day Grimes – Health Care Law; Medical Malpractice Law-Defendants; Personal Injury Litigation – Defendants
  • Reese L. Harrison, Jr. – Commercial Litigation; Criminal Defense: White-Collar; Litigation-Antitrust
  • John A. Huddleston – Commercial Litigation; Construction Law; Litigation-Banking and Finance; Litigation-Construction
  • Farley P. Katz – Criminal Defense: White-Collar; Litigation and Controversy-Tax; Tax Law
  • Andrew L. Kerr – Appellate Practice; Commercial Litigation; Litigation-Banking and Finance; Litigation-Bankruptcy; Litigation-Real Estate; Personal Injury Litigation-Defendants
  • J. David Oppenheimer – Banking and Finance Law; Corporate Law
  • R. Bradley Oxford – Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law
  • John M. Pinckney III – Commercial Litigation; Criminal Defense: General Practice
  • Sona Ramirez – Litigation-Labor and Employment
  • Martin I. Roos – Trusts and Estates
  • David P. Stanush – Trusts and Estates
  • Robert K. Sugg – Real Estate Law
  • John H. Tate II – Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization Law; Litigation-Bankruptcy

Scottsdale, AZ

  • Darrell E. Davis – Commercial Litigation
  • P. Douglas Folk – Construction Law; Litigation-Construction
  • Christopher D. Hossack – Construction Law
  • David L. Lansky – Real Estate Law
  • Andrew B. Turk – Commercial Litigation; Construction Law

Washington, DC

  • Thomas K. Ragland – Immigration Law
  • Charles R. Spies – Government Relations Practice

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