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Clark Hill attorney Melissa Ventrone discusses cyber threats during COVID-19 on WPHM

March 27, 2020

Clark Hill attorney Melissa Ventrone recently appeared on WPHM to discuss cyber threats in the wake of COVID-19. Ventrone notes that there was an increased number of domain names in February with links to malicious attacks, which are pretty difficult to prosecute.

“[It is difficult] because there is a lot of technology out there where people perpetrating clients can hide themselves. They can hide where the attack is originating from. They [can] erase their steps…”

To listen to the full segment, please click here.

Ventrone is the business unit leader of Clark Hill’s Cybersecurity, Data Protection & Privacy group, and the co-leader of Clark Hill's integrated services team, ASSET360. Ventrone focuses her experienced group of first responders, including lawyers and forensic investigators, on around-the-clock management of the situation and minimizing damage by working to limit any public or regulatory fallout. When not managing her clients’ urgent breach concerns, she is a proactive consultant in managing data privacy and security risks. Ventrone is a Certified Informational Privacy Professional (CIPP/US), and a retired USMCR  logistics officer. 

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