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Clark Hill attorney John Fogarty quoted in the Washington Free Beacon

April 1, 2020

Clark Hill attorney John Fogarty was recently quoted in the Washington Free Beacon’s “Election Experts Expect Corona Outbreak to Drive Lawsuits in Dem Primaries.” The article discusses how the coronavirus pandemic in conjunction with the postponement of multiple state primaries may increase the possibility of legal challenges to March 17th’s voting results in Illinois, particularly among down ballot races.

“If it is very close, I would expect to see challenges to some of these results," said Fogarty. "But the burden of proof on anything that you’d see an election contested on is extraordinarily high. So you’d really need solid evidence, affidavits of people who tried to vote but were turned away and not able to vote otherwise."

Joe Biden was declared the winner of the Illinois primary just after polls closed.

To read the full article, please click here.

Fogarty is Senior Counsel in Clark Hill’s Government & Regulatory Affairs group, based in the firm’s Chicago office. Fogarty counsels a wide range of candidates, such as office holders, political committees, individual citizens, corporations and non-profit entities, in every aspect of the political and legislative process, including ballot access, campaign finance and disclosure, lobbying issues, media issues, and party governance.

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