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Clark Hill Attorney David Ries Published in ABA Law Practice Today

November 16, 2020

Clark Hill attorney David Ries was recently published in ABA Law Practice Today. His article, “Cybersecurity for Attorneys: The Ethics of Incident Response,” covers how confidential data in computers and information systems, including those used by attorneys and law firms, face greater security threats today than ever before. The greatest threats today are spearphishing, ransomware, business email compromise, and lost and stolen laptops, smartphones, and portable devices.

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Ries practices in the areas of environmental, technology, and data protection law and litigation. For over 20 years, he has increasingly focused on cybersecurity, privacy, and information governance. He has recently addressed in his practice such current issues as cybersecurity and privacy programs and policies, contracting for privacy and security, response to security incidents and data breaches, digital and environmental forensics, admissibility of expert opinions, e-discovery, and defense of enforcement actions.

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