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Anthony Campau Discusses OIRA Review Framework in Tax Notes

January 25, 2021

Clark Hill attorney Anthony Campau was recently quoted in Tax Notes. The story, “OMB’s Tax Reg Reviews Dodge Biden’s Regulatory Reckoning,” reports that Biden signed multiple executive actions just hours after taking office on January 20, but none of the orders targeted the tax regulatory review process instituted under the Trump administration and overseen by the Office of Management and Budget’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA). However, Biden’s presidential memo, “Modernizing Regulatory Review,” includes directions that could filter down into OIRA’s review of tax regs.

Anthony Campau, Director of Government Regulation and Counsel at Clark Hill, says the OIRA review framework advances uncontroversial good government goals, particularly by emphasizing the role of transparency, analysis, and interagency coordination in regulatory decision-making, making it unlikely that Biden will end OIRA’s tax reg reviews at any point in his administration.

“The new review process is a function of an interagency agreement, not an [executive order]. If the suggestion is that the agreement in some respects flows from an [executive order], I’d say that’s absolutely only a small part of the story.”

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Anthony P. Campau is Director of Government Regulation and Counsel in the Government & Regulatory Affairs group in the Washington, DC and Detroit offices of Clark Hill. Anthony brings a wealth of experience in a wide range of complex legal, regulatory, and policy issues. He helps companies, associations, and institutions across multiple sectors to make high-stakes business decisions in complex and dynamic regulatory environments. He represents clients seeking to understand and impact emerging regulatory developments and build internal systems for managing long-term compliance and effectiveness. His clients are impacted by tax reform, regulatory reform, new trade policies, and emerging developments in areas such as privacy policy.

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