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Media Mentions

Clark Hill attorneys routinely appear as sources and thought leaders in national news publications and legal industry outlets. Here is a collection of the most recent appearances our attorneys have made in media articles.

Sujata Ajmera, Sept. 22SHRM’s Government Shutdown Outages Aren’t the Only Challenge with E-Verify

“Any inconsistency or failure to comply with the program is tracked by the government, so it is critical that companies who enroll and use E-Verify are dedicating resources to keep the company compliant with the program’s rules,” said Sujata Ajmera, an attorney with Clark Hill in Austin, Texas.

Bradford Hughes, Sept. 14Law360’s Promoter, Lender To Duke Out $3M Boxing Row In Arbitration

“The U.S. based parties have jointly agreed to have the matters arbitrated,” Clark Hill PLC member Bradford Hughes, representing Legendz and Cinematic, said in an email to Law360. “Our clients look forward to having their claims against the defendants adjudicated with JAMS as soon as practical, while the claims against the foreign entities proceeds in the federal court.”

Mark Stevens, Sept. 13 – Law360’s Litigation Can Facilitate EB-5 Investor Visa Determinations

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has made great progress in recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and from efforts by the prior administration to slow down adjudications. Processing times for a range of immigration benefits have come down over the past few years, with agency leadership making backlog reduction a high priority.

Michael Cristalli, Aug. 28 Marijuana Venture’s Comprehensive Reforms Must Start With Safe Banking

Failure to pass comprehensive federal cannabis reform will cause continued decline in the value of cannabis companies and fuel an already emboldened black market industry. There are currently 44 states with some form of cannabis legalization — and additional legalization on the horizon.

Jason Canvasser, Aug. 14Wine Industry Network Advisor’s Tennessee Sues Out-of-State Retailers: Frivolous or Far-Reaching?

“I think, with the growth of e-commerce, online ordering and direct shipping, more retailers are popping up who will ship into states where it isn’t allowed,” says Jason R. Canvasser, a member at law firm Clark Hill in Detroit, Mich., whose practice includes clients in the alcohol business. “As this trend increases, the [state] responses are going to increase.”

Bret Wacker, Aug. 8Federal News Network’s SBA rethinks disadvantaged contracting program after federal court ruling

Bret Wacker, managing director at Clark Hill Public Strategies, said Ultima’s owner, Celeste Bennett, argued that USDA’s decision put her company at a disadvantage, compared to its 8(a) competitors.

“Her complaint was, ‘Why am I at a disadvantage? Why do I have to go through all this work, to get the advantage of the 8(a) program, and someone who just happens to be a different race than me gets the advantage?’ That’s the dispute,” Wacker said.

Paul Starkman, Aug. 7SHRM’s Crafting Policies to Address the Proliferation of Generative AI

“Generative artificial intelligence involves the use of algorithms to create new content and interfaces from existing data,” explained attorney Paul E. Starkman with Clark Hill in Chicago. “When used in the workplace, if vetted and implemented properly, AI can have positive effects, such as improving productivity, streamlining operations and developing content that is remarkably human-like.” However, he added, “there are legal, business and reputational risks and other implications involved in the utilization and creation of a policy addressing generative AI.”  

Natalie Remien, Aug. 3Inc.’s How to File Trademarks Internationally–and Why Doing So May Benefit Your Business

In the U.S., companies need to show that they use their trademark in commerce to officially register it. In other countries, you don’t need to demonstrate use–but you do need to register your trademark before someone beats you to it. So, it’s advantageous for small- and medium-sized companies to file “early and often” internationally, says Natalie A. Remien, senior counsel at the Detroit-based law firm Clark Hill PLC.