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Media Mentions

Clark Hill attorneys routinely appear as sources and thought leaders in national news publications and legal industry outlets. Here is a collection of the most recent appearances our attorneys have made in media articles.

Rafael Nendel-Flores, March 17 Law360’s Gig Worker Pay Rights Reflect Need To Modernize W&H Law

Public officials seem to be trying to correct what they view as an underpayment of app-based workers and in doing so, they have created a kind of hybrid classification between independent contractor and employee, said Rafael Nendel-Flores, a member of management-side firm Clark Hill PLC.

Maryam Danishwar, March 11 – Authority Magazine’s Top Lawyers: Maryam Danishwar Of Clark Hill On The 5 Things You Need To Become A Top Lawyer In Your Specific Field of Law

There are also a couple of projects that I’m involved in with my firm, Clark Hill, that actually don’t have anything to do with the practice of law itself, but are related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). I’m very proud to be a part of the DEI initiatives and just recently became a part of our Mansfield certification group. The DEI aspect of our firm is very near and dear to my heart. Being an immigrant woman who came here at the age of eight, I certainly appreciate the need for an initiative for DEI. What I love about Clark Hill is that not only are we focused on diversity, but inclusion is a very big factor in how we operate as a law firm.

Jonathan Martone, March 8Bloomfield Community Television Michigan Entrepreneur ‘Business Planning Legal Considerations’

Jason Canvasser and Alyson Acheson, March 8Law360’s How Alcohol Cos. Can Best Follow New Advertising Rules

Because of the growth of social media advertising and the use of it by alcohol brands, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau recently issued its Industry Circular 2022-2 to provide guidance on how the TTB’s rules on advertising apply to advertising via social media.

Paola Armeni, March 4 – Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Nevada neighborhoods make list of best places for post-pandemic office space

Law firm Clark Hill relocated its Las Vegas office from the Howard Hughes Center near the Strip to the newly-built 1700 Pavilion office building in Summerlin, adjacent to Las Vegas Ballpark.

“People are very excited about all the opportunities that’s so close to our office — whether that’s going to watch Golden Knights practice, going to an aviator’s game after work, going and grabbing lunch,” Paola Armeni, managing partner at Clark Hill in Las Vegas, said. “This location makes things easier for people outside of work.”

James Earle, March 2Daily Journal’s Serving in all 3 branches of government have given Justice Charles Poochigan a unique perspective 

James C. Earle, a member with Clark Hill LLP Los Angeles, was on the winning side of a 2-1 decision written by Poochigan. The case was a $7.2 million dispute in which Poochigan ruled in favor of Earle’s client, a licensed construction contractor, because the relevant law only barred claims from unlicensed contractors.

“He actually recognized what the issue was. … We lost in the lower court,” Earle said. We lost like three times.”

Rachael Rubenstein, Feb. 25Law 360’s Justices Reject Higher Fines For Nonwillful FBAR Violations

Bittner’s counsel Rachael Rubenstein at Clark Hill PLC said they are “overjoyed” with the ruling, and thanked Haynes and Boone LLP’s Daniel L. Geyser for “masterfully” arguing the case before the justices on their behalf.

“We have represented Mr. Bittner for all these years and are absolutely thrilled to achieve this result on his behalf,” Rubenstein said.

Austin Branum, Feb. 24Law 360’s What Landmark Ruling Means For Civil Rights Suits In Nevada

The Nevada Supreme Court’s opinion and analysis in Mack v. Williams places Nevada alongside Colorado and New Mexico as states ending the use of qualified immunity as a defense to violations of a state constitution.

Myriah Jaworski, Feb. 22National Law Journal’s Experts See Limited or No Action on Section 230 in Wake of First High Court Argument

“We saw the justices really grappling with where to draw the line,” said Myriah Jaworski, a privacy and technology litigator at Clark Hill. Jaworski said she mostly deals with app developers and technology companies, helping them navigate issues and protections provided by 230.

John Hensien, Feb. 21Bloomberg’s Law Firms Mix Hiring, Firing to Protect Profits Amid Uncertainty

“The cost of doing business and running a law firm is increasing dramatically,” John Hensien, Clark Hill’s chief executive officer, said in an interview. He cited rising labor and technology costs, as well as mounting cybersecurity compliance requirements, among other factors driving expenses.

Rafael Nendel-Flores, Feb. 21Human Resources Director’s ‘Big win for California employers’ from federal appeals court

“As the Ninth Circuit panel observed, AB 51 is the latest attempt by the California legislature to attack arbitration of employment disputes,” Rafael Nendel-Flores, a California-based labor and employment lawyer at international law firm Clark Hill, told HRD.

Michael Vogt, Feb. 10Downtown News Magazine’s B-1 zoning ordinance amendment under review

Michael Vogt, attorney with Clark Hill PLC, explained that the goal is to bring convenient access to the surrounding neighborhood, and the ordinance just needs to be modernized a bit. “What we’re proposing, what it boils down to, is what we feel is a very common sense update to the ordinance more so than a change,” said Vogt.

Molly DiBianca, Feb. 9Delaware Business Court Insider’s The Fragile State of Noncompetes in Delaware

The enforceability of restrictive covenants, both in Delaware and across the country, is an issue in a state of flux. A recent decision by the Delaware Court of Chancery serves to highlight the court’s hesitance to enforce noncompetes in Delaware and the rule recently proposed by the FTC would eliminate noncompetes entirely.

Alex Lonnett, Feb. 9The Legal Intelligencer’s Navigating Billables; Workload; and Expectations as a New Attorney

Whether it’s your first job out of law school or you’ve made the move from a clerkship or other public position, getting into private practice is an adjustment and, well, takes some “practice.” This article offers some pointers for new attorneys adjusting to this type of work and finding success in the early parts of their careers.