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International Data Protection Day

Join Clark Hill’s Cybersecurity, Data Privacy and Technology team in recognizing International Data Protection Day for 2023.

What is Data Protection Day?

Data Protection Day is January 28, 2023.  It is a day to raise awareness of the importance of data privacy and to promote data protection practices.

Annual Review: 2022 and Trends for 2023

Looking back on 2022, the data privacy and protection landscape has continued to evolve at a rapid pace:

  • The EU-US Data Protection Framework and draft adequacy decision usher in a new era for data transfers, likely to be finalized in 2023;
  • New state privacy laws enacted, and five (California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, Virginia) are effective in 2023, with the first Attorney General enforcement action under the California Privacy Protection Act (CCPA);
  • The federal American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA) passed congressional committee, and remains a relevant legislative proposal in 2023.
  • The data security and safeguarding of reproductive health information and other sensitive information is of elevated importance following the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade;
  • The Federal Trade Commission continues to play the role of de factor privacy regulator, with headline making enforcement actions concerning minor data, dark patters, and data breaches.
  • This year saw the first federal criminal prosecution and conviction of a former CIO concerning the handling of a data breach (Joe Sullivan), and the FTC’s naming of an executive in a civil consent order (Drizzly Consent Decree).

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