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Labor & Employment

Title IX Compliance and Investigations

From conducting complex investigations, facilitating training, to offering guidance on compliance intricacies, Clark Hill’s roster of attorneys nationally certified by the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA) is uniquely positioned to address the particular needs of educational institutions.

Our Education and Labor and Employment practice groups have combined more than 100 years of expertise to form an inter-disciplinary team that offers a broad range of services to K-12 schools and colleges and universities as part of its Title IX practice, including:

  • Thorough, objective, and timely investigations into allegations of Title IX violations
  • Training for administrators, educators, and students
  • Preparation and review of policies and procedures
  • Standing consultations with in-house Title IX coordinators
  • Clery Act and FERPA guidance
  • Guidance for addressing LGBTQ student concerns

More than 40-years ago, Title IX was enacted to promote equity in educational settings. Title IX prohibits sex-based discrimination, including sexual violence, sexual harassment, and hostile environment based on sex. All schools receiving federal funds are required to comply with Title IX’s mandates.

Attorneys in our Education and Labor and Employment practice groups represent educational organizations in all aspects of education and labor and employment law. Our mission is to provide clients with practical, cost-effective, winning solutions to their education, labor, and employment issues. We deploy experienced legal talent with a strong emphasis on prompt and open communication with clients. We deliver optimal results through intelligent and effective management of litigation and non-litigation matters.

Our firm is partnering with Venture International LLC to provide comprehensive service as it relates to Title IX. The partners at Venture International bring more than 75 years of higher education administrative and classroom experience in higher education including executive leadership in Academic and Student Affairs. Our work together will provide the value of experienced legal expertise, along with the expertise and understanding of the varied educational dynamics of academic and student affairs including student services.