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Government Contracts & Regulation

From the boardroom to the cloakroom to the courtroom, clients look to Clark Hill’s Government Contracts & Regulation team for guidance and insights. We help our clients manage risk, understand policy implications, and implement effective strategies to produce desired outcomes.

From advising clients on specific legislation and regulation at all levels of government to giving industry and nonprofits a voice in the implementation of broad, sweeping actions by the federal government, Clark Hill provides detailed legislative, policy, and regulatory insights on issues directly affecting our clients in the context of broader geopolitical and market forces. We use our relationships on both sides of the political spectrum to assist clients with outreach efforts and leverage legislation.

Our public contracting attorneys serve as a bridge between the federal government and businesses interested in selling goods and services, from office supplies to software and IT services to the construction of public buildings to complex manufacturing for advanced defense systems. We work with large, established players as well as small, emerging companies and organizations across a variety of industries providing counsel in every aspect of the government procurement process and at every phase of the federal acquisition life cycle.

Corporations, trade associations, and nonprofit organizations eager to engage in the political process are supported by our regulatory lawyers throughout the complex path necessary to convey their desired message and obtain the strongest results possible. Whether an organization wishes to lobby, create a political action committee or advocacy organization, or contribute to a specific cause, we help clients to effectively respond to developing opportunities or crises to achieve their goals.

From national security, civilian aerospace and technology, scientific research, or core programs central to the nation’s infrastructure, our government law attorneys develop and implement plans for clients across a wide variety of industries and regions of the country. Our government contract lawyers help universities understand trends in federal research and development investments, develop targeted agency and Capitol Hill contact plans, and assist in developing capture strategies for key center-level grants and large cooperative agreements. We help clients market their strengths and capabilities to the Department of Defense and a range of federal agencies and understand how to become trusted partners of key program managers.

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) Summary and Resources