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Jasper R. Thomson

Director of Government Affairs
fax +1 202.772.0919

Jasper Thomson works with corporate clients who specialize in space, defense, and technology programs and policies. He also assists higher education clients with federal research and development programs.

Clients call on Jasper’s two decades of experience in legislative advocacy matters, including his service as Legislative Counsel to Representative Dave Camp of Michigan. As the Senior Legislative Assistant in Representative Camp’s personal office, he was responsible for handling legislative initiatives pertaining to defense, energy, science and technology, health care, tax, and telecommunications issues. Jasper was also closely involved in initiatives to bring numerous Native American issues to the attention of the Speaker and House Leadership.

Previously, Jasper worked with several Senate campaigns while at the National Republican Senatorial Committee and was a staff member of the 1994 campaign of Senator Rick Santorum (PA). In these capacities his roles included grassroots efforts, raising and accounting for campaign funds, and directing research activities on issues and candidates.


B.A., Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania