Predictable Fee Structure

In today’s competitive market, organizations are embracing alternative fee arrangements. At Clark Hill, we are no exception in adapting to this ever-changing marketplace. We understand the need to control costs is critical in ensuring growth. Our role in providing positive solutions to our clients has been defined by our leadership, our proactive approach, and unremitting guidance to our clients most important issues. Top of mind to our clients today is the need to provide a better way to manage costs while receiving best-in-class value, service, and support.

For years we have demonstrated innovative partnerships with our clients to share both the risks of legal expenses and the rewards of expert counsel, fostering an atmosphere of trust and value. As a team of highly experienced attorneys and professionals who have achieved great results in the past, we are able to focus. As a result of our resolve, we have become more efficient and effective than other firms. This track record allows us to champion new structures, scenarios, and possibilities in the area of alternative fee arrangements.

As part of Clark Hill’s Client-Centered Solutions, we offer a four option billing plan that will be customized and suited for each specific matter and engagement.

Fixed Fee approach will give our client the ability to know, up front, what the cost structure will be for routine, repeatable matters, engagements, or services and will improve the budget process as well.

Blended Rate approach will allow our client to leverage the full service capabilities of Clark Hill by utilizing both associate and member resources where appropriate and approved. Blended rates will be determined based on the matter and scope of work and the mix of skills required to ensure the desired timeliness and outcome.

Hourly Rate approach will be recommended and utilized according to the needs of the client and negotiated in good faith with each of our clients.

Billing Plan may also include an option for a Contingency Fee plan to help clients smooth out the budget process.

Ultimately, Clark Hill will work closely with all of our clients to create a billing plan that matches their business and budget objectives, by offering maximum flexibility. Plans will be developed to include any or all of the aforementioned approaches.