CARES Act/COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resources

The destructive and damaging effects of COVID-19 continue to add unprecedented stress to health and economic systems alike in the United States and across the globe. A multi-perspective understanding of not only the complex challenges but also of the potential solutions will be critical for businesses to successfully navigate the unique difficulties ahead. Our multi-disciplinary team can partner with you to develop strategies to help your business confront and endure this crisis. Our industry-leading government and regulatory affairs team, in close collaboration with our prominent tax, banking, and employment teams, offer a granular understanding of the CARES Act, and how to include its provisions in recovery strategies for a broad range of industries.


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Summer 2020 Coronavirus Relief Package Proposals 
Government & Regulatory Affairs

Primary Contact: Kevin Kelly

7/23/20 - Details of White House-Senate Republican Tentative Agreement for COVID-19 V Package Emerge

5/20/20 - DOD Issues Draft Guidance For Leave Reimbursement Under Section 3610 of the CARES Act

5/15/20 - House Passes Two COVID-19 Measures

5 11/20 - CARES Act Relief for Federal Contractors

4/22/20 - Senate Passes Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act

4/17/20 - Coronavirus Task Force Unveils Guidelines for "Opening Up America Again"

4/16/20 - Federal Reserve Announces Paycheck Protection Program Fully Operational

4/15/20 - CARES Act Relief for DOD Contractors

4/10/20 - Federal Reserve Releases an Interim Final Rule on Paycheck Protection Program Facility

4/9/20 - SBA’s Alternative Size Standard Applicable to PPP Loans

4/9/20 - Federal Reserve Announces Launch of Main Street Business Lending Program

4/7/20 - White House Seeks More Funding for Paycheck Protection Program

4/1/20 - CARES Act Explained

3/27/20 - House Approves CARES Act by Voice Vote

3/25/20 - Senate Unanimously Passes CARES Act

3/23/20 - Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Identifies Critical Infrastructure Sectors

3/23/20 - Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Federal Contracts and Excusable Delays

3/22/20 - Senate Deadlocked on Proceeding With Coronavirus Relief Package #3

3/20/20 - DOD Travel Ban – Contractors Potentially Affected

3/20/20 - CARES Act Details Released

3/19/20 - Economic Impacts of COVID-19

3/14/20 - Coronavirus Supplemental Passes the House

Labor & Employment

Primary Contact: John Ermanni

12/16/20 - The EEOC Updates Employer Guidance to Address COVID-19 Vaccination

10/29/20 - New Jersey Enacts New Mandatory Health and Safety Standards to Combat Spike in COVID-19 Infection Rates and Increased Hospitalizations

10/28/20 - Michigan Enacts Laws Limiting Employer Liability and Enhancing Employee Protections Related to COVID-19

10/7/20 - Beyond COVID-19, Employment Law is Changing: Focus Independent Contractors

9/14/20 - U.S. Department of Labor Revises Regulations Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

8/27/20 - DOL Guidance Reminds Employers to Track Teleworking Employee Hours

7/7/20 - IRS Provides COVID-19-Related Relief to Employers with Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans - Action to Claim Relief Generally Required by August 31, 2020

6/29/20 - City of Philadelphia Adopts Ordinance Protecting Coronavirus Whistleblowers

6/23/20 - IRS Expands Definition of Qualified Individuals for Purposes of CARES Act Retirement Plan Distributions and Loans

6/18/20 - New EEOC Guidance Prohibits Antibody Testing of Employees

5/14/20 - IRS Temporarily Relaxes Section 125 Cafeteria Plan Election Change and “Use It or Lose It” Rules in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

5/13/20 - Required Posting for Illinois Employers

5/13/20 - CARES Act Permits Emergency Access to Retirement Funds for Employees Affected by COVID-19 Through Relaxed Participant Distributions and Loans

5/1/20 - Additional COVID-19 Benefits for New Jersey Employees

4/22/20 - New DOL Guidance on FFCRA Addresses Use of Employer PTO Policies

4/8/20 - EEOC Suspends Issuing Right-to-Sue Notices Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

4/3/20 - Governor Whitmer Issues Executive Order Protecting Employees Who Stay Home Due to COVID-19

3/28/20 - CARES Act: Employee Benefits Implications

3/26/20 - Department of Labor Releases Families First Coronavirus Response Act Poster and Related “Q&A” Guidance

3/24/20 - New York and New Jersey Close All Businesses Except for Essential Services and Order Residents to Stay Home

3/24/20 - IRS Issues Key Guidance Regarding Families First Coronavirus Response Act Tax Credits

3/24/20 - Disaster Relief Payments, Health Benefits Continuation, and Other Employee Benefits Updates

3/24/20 - DHS Relaxes I-9 Form Requirements for Remote Employers

3/20/20 - Closed for Business? Los Angeles and California Issue Sweeping Orders to Combat COVID-19 Spread

3/20/20 - Governor Wolf Orders Closure of All Businesses That Are Not Life Sustaining; What Employers Should Know

3/19/20 - The Families First Coronavirus Response Act: FMLA Expansions and Paid Sick Leave Extensions

3/19/20 - Taking Employees’ Temperatures and other Employer Health and Privacy Quandaries

3/18/20 - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Latest Agency to Release Bulletin on COVID-19

3/18/20 - No HIPAA Penalties for Good Faith Use of Telehealth During COVID-19 Epidemic

3/17/20 - Michigan Temporarily Extends Unemployment Benefits for Workers Affected by COVID-19

3/15/20 - The New Coronavirus Bill: What Employers Need to Know

3/12/20 - IRS: High-Deductible Health Plans Can Cover COVID-19 Screening

2/26/20 - Coronavirus and Other Health Scares: Is Your Company Prepared?

Banking & Financial Services
Environment, Energy & Natural Resources
Education & Municipal

Primary Contact: John Gierak

11/16/20 - MDHHS Issues Gathering and Face Mask Order

10/30/20 - Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Updates Order Regarding Gatherings - Specifically Requires Masks

10/19/20 - New Legislation Permits Continued Remote Meetings and Ratifies Actions from Previous Remote Meetings

10/13/20 - Face Covering Order and Reporting of Confirmed and Probable Cases of COVID-19 at Schools

10/5/20 - Michigan Supreme Court Invalidates Executive Orders

9/29/20 - Executive Order 183 Permits Resumption of Live Board Meetings, With Limitations

8/27/20 - Federal Court Halts U.S. Department of Education’s Rule on Distributing Coronavirus Aid Relief to Private Schools

5/6/20 - CARES Act: ESSER Funds Under the Education Stabilization Fund

5/1/20 - Executive Order 2020-65 Identifies New Requirements for 2019-2020 Michigan Teacher Evaluations and Great Start Readiness Programs

4/8/20 - Governor Whitmer's Executive Order Relaxes Certain FOIA Response Requirements

4/3/20 - Teaching Online Traps for the Unwary – How to Use Copyrighted Material Safely

4/3/20 - CARES Act: The Education Stabilization Fund

3/24/20 - COVID-19 Response - School Closures and Impact upon Special Education and Section 504 Students Frequently Asked Questions and Summary of Current Guidance

3/20/20 - Michigan Expands Child Care Access During the COVID-19 Emergency

3/20/20 - New Executive Order Temporarily Suspends Certain Requirements of Open Meetings Act

3/19/20 - Contracted School Transportation During Mandatory School Closure

3/16/20 - Governor Issues Directives Regarding Open Meetings Act

3/12/20 - U.S. Department of Education Releases Guidance on Student Privacy Related to Coronavirus

3/11/20 - As Coronavirus Spreads, Many Responses but Few Concrete Answers for Schools

2/27/20 - What can Schools do to Address Concerns about Coronavirus?

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10/15/20 - ADA in the Age of COVID-19

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07/09/20 - Return to Work and School Following Governor Whitmer’s June 30, 2020 Executive Order and Return to School Roadmap

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06/4/20 - Top 5 Covid-19 Issues Coming to a School HR Department Near You – Q&A Style!

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05/20/20 - Fireside Chat: Road to Thriving Post COVID-19

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05/18/20 - Virtual Workshop for EPLI Professionals

05/08/20 - Weekly Roundtable Q&A: "Navigating the Current & Post-COVID-19 Landscape: What Does that Mean for Your Business?

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05/01/20 - Weekly Roundtable Q&A: "Navigating the Current & Post-COVID-19 Landscape: What Does that Mean for Your Business?

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04/30/20 - A New Wave of Employee Benefits: How COVID-19 has Changed the Landscape


04/29/20 - "Assessing the Financial Services Pandemic Response Plan" Webinar

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04/28/20 - "Reopening the Workplace During & After COVID-19: Tackling Critical Legal Issues & Implementing Employer Best Practices" Webinar

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04/09/20 - "Managing National Labor Relations Act Compliance in Unionized and Non-Unionized Workforces During the COVID-19 Pandemic" Webinar

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04/08/20 - "Your Website, Your New Normal - Building a Compliant and Effective Website for the ARM Industry in a Post-Pandemic World" Webinar (Clark Hill, Parity, Rhetorica)

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04/08/20 - "Future of the ARM Industry - What Will Be the New Normal in the Post-Pandemic World" Webinar (Clark Hill, Corporate Advisory Solutions)

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3/31/20 - "COVID-19: Updated Guidance on Families First Coronavirus Response Act and CARES Act Debrief" Webinar

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3/30/20 - "Legal Compliance Strategies and Best Practices During Pandemic Related Layoffs, Reductions-in-Force, and Furloughs" Webinar

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3/30/20 - Delaware State Bar Association Webinar: Federal Paid Leave - Molly DiBianca, Clark Hill

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3/26/20 - "The Coronavirus Pandemic: Legal & HR Considerations for Managing a Remote Workforce" Webinar

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3/23/20 - Clark Hill Member Steven Richman to Present COVID-19 Webinar Hosted by Pennsylvania Bar Institute

3/23/20 - "Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Everything Employers Need to Know About the New Emergency FMLA and Paid Sick Leave Law" Webinar

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3/18/20 - "The Coronavirus: Helping Employers Through New and Developing Workplace Issues" Webinar

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