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Upcoming Property Tax Appeal Deadlines

February 22, 2013

Michigan law requires every community to assess the taxable value of real estate each year and allows property owners to contest that year's valuation.  However, property owners must meet strict deadlines in order to pursue appeals.  Generally, for residential properties, an owner must first schedule a Board of Review hearing with the local municipality as a prerequisite to pursuing an appeal with Michigan Tax Tribunal.  Property owners must be proactive and schedule a Board of Review hearing even if they do not actually receive a notice of assessment.  Board of review hearings take place in early March, following issuance of notices of assessment.  In most communities, for commercial properties an owner may file a petition with the Michigan Tax Tribunal before the May 31 deadline without first pursuing any remedy directly with the municipality.   Clark Hill attorneys can help you preserve your right to challenge your assessments by timely initiating the appeal process.

Because assessors face the challenge of valuing thousands of properties per year, they apply a mass appraisal technique that attempts to determine the value of many properties by applying statistical information to common property characteristics.  A property owner can  work with assessors to reach an agreement on the true value of your property by undertaking a property specific analysis that takes into account the characteristics of that particular property or neighborhood.  Clark Hill attorneys can critically analyze this type of valuation issue, coordinate these valuations with experienced real estate appraisers, and effectively work with assessors.

Please contact either your Clark Hill attorney or Stephon B. Bagne if you would like more information about the property tax appeal process.

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