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R-Conrad Consulting & SRI Group Announce Strategic Partnership

September 15, 2015

HOUSTON, Texas and SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Sept. 15, 2015 – Strategic Resource  Innovation Group (SRI Group) and R-Conrad Consulting announce a strategic partnership that will deliver value via the turnkey platforms HealthRXTM and ImpactTM to healthcare and non-healthcare clients.

“We came together to share over 20 years of best practices, approaches and resources in helping companies translate strategy into actionable results within 30 – 90 days then leveraging it across the whole enterprise to achieve extraordinary results,” said Jack Finney, CEO SRI Group.

One key differentiator is our ability to tap into the power of your organization and connect people, processes and technology, while driving rapid results. These turnkey solutions save time and money. In order to advance your short and long term growth strategies, we create a tailored approach that includes a strategic playbook, tactical blueprint and the orchestration of High Impact Transformation Teams necessary to execute the plan.

Bob Conrad, CEO states, “For the past 20 years, we have seen fragmented solutions whether it is Lean, Six Sigma, Change Management or Strategic Alignment. This is the first time all the pieces are together. Employees from SRI Group and R-Conrad built the perfect recipe for organizational success. Research says that 60-80% of new organizational strategies will fail, but now CEOs can launch new strategies from this platform and have the confidence those strategies will come to fruition.”

For companies in time-pressured industries, our propriety systems are for you!

“Our partnership with R-Conrad Consulting is a big step and we are excited to be working alongside a like-minded company that is using technology to transform the way stakeholders across the healthcare industry collaborate and innovate,” said Jack Finney.

“Value is created by simplifying, focusing and delivering! We are looking forward to bringing a cutting edge approach to both healthcare and non-healthcare clients. We are strategically positioned to utilize years of knowledge and experience in helping clients realize their strategic goals in a way that will have an overall impact on organizational culture. It is a great privilege to continue to grow our market with a company like SRI Group who is led by one of the pioneers of lean six sigma,” said Bob Conrad, CEO R-Conrad Consulting.



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