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R-Conrad Consulting Develops Population Health Rx™ to Address Transitional Care Services for High-Risk and Medically Complex Patients - Solution provides structure and process for improving quality of care and reducing costly readmissions

February 26, 2015

HOUSTON, TX – February 26, 2015 – R-Conrad Consulting, a fast-growing business and healthcare consulting firm, announced today that it has developed Population Health Rxª, a process-driven solution to help hospitals and health care providers improve transition-of-care services for high-risk and medically complex patient populations.

Population Health Rx is a systematic process that addresses the gaps in communication between high-risk patients and multiple health care providers. It provides proactive, custom-tailored processes, mutual accountability and improved financial and clinical outcomes. Population Health Rx serves as a blueprint to ensure the patient has the appropriate care, at the appropriate care setting, and at the lowest cost.

“Patient-centered care takes hospitals, physicians and care management outside traditional boundaries,” said Robert Conrad, president and CEO of R-Conrad Consulting. “We help hospitals effectively coordinate the needs of medically complex patients with multiple care providers to improve the timeliness and quality of care delivered, while also decreasing overall healthcare costs.”

With a long history of providing services to hospitals to improve operational workflows and financial outcomes, R-Conrad Consulting is well-positioned to effectively address high-risk patient populations, coordinate care across the care continuum, and manage new operational models.

“One of the first questions we get when we introduce our services to a prospective hospital or provider is, ‘We already have a plan in place to manage our high-risk patients. What’s different about your approach?” said Tim Chafin, Chief Sales Officer for R-Conrad Consulting. “This is a valid question. Most organizations have the resources in place to address the needs of the patient, but have not documented or implemented efficient processes that connect all providers in a patient’s transition of care.”

According to Chafin the answer becomes obvious when asked if there is a predictable, repeatable process in place to conduct critical tasks, such as:

  • Identify high-risk, medically complex patients
  • Develop smooth and effective transitions of care
  • Coordinate appropriate patient care with multiple care providers
  • Hire, train and motivate employees to adhere to the process
  • Control CMS penalties and prevent avoidable readmissions

“We are committed to providing viable healthcare solutions and processes during a rapidly changing healthcare environment,” said Conrad. “Our goal is to be a source of in-depth experience and proven solutions that help healthcare providers successfully manage population health and better serve our communities.”

About R-Conrad Consulting

R-Conrad Consulting helps organizations improve their business processes to realize better service, quality and financial outcomes. We employ a proprietary, hands-on approach, integrating proven change management tools and techniques at each stage of process improvement. For more information, visit us at or contact us at

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