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McCutcheon Strengthens National Parties, and That's Good for Democracy

April 4, 2014

On Tue sday , the Supreme Court reaffirmed our basic right to participate in elections. By allowing campaign contributions to be made to the candidates of our choosing, the Court's decision triumphantly upheld First Amendment protections for political speech. Critics of the decision, who are already bemoaning how this will lead to even more money flowing into the coffers of candidates and parties, should be wary of hyperbolizing the decision's impact, lest their "reform agenda" lose what little credibility it has left. Click here to read the full article

GOP Hopefuls Court Adelson in Las Vegas

Charlie Spies, who led the super PAC that backed Romney in 2012, said Adelson and his wife "are generous philanthropists that back causes ranging from educational to pro-Israel to political. It is often lost in the hype over their political giving that there are schools, museums and nonprofit organizations around the world with the Adelson name on them."… Click here to read the full article

Gathering Shows 2016 Money Race is On

…"Candidate-specific super PACs will be an inevitable reality of the 2016 presidential primaries," said Charlie Spies, who helped run a super PAC supporting Mr. Romney. "That means building donor relationships" is important… Click here to read the full article (Note: log in is required to access article)

Big Donors Fear Shakedown After Decision

Charlie Spies, a top GOP fundraiser for several outside groups, said that political parties are a stabilizing force in the political system.

"To the extent this decision weakens super PACS, that is good for our overall political discourse and makes it more likely that Congress is able to pass legislation," Spies said… Click here to read the full article

Supreme Court Ruling Gives Small Number of Wealthy Donors New Ways to Drive Campaigns

"The immediate effect will be that some major donors that would like to max out to multiple committees will have the ability to do so," said Charlie Spies, a GOP campaign finance lawyer and fundraiser. But, he added, "there is a limited universe of donors that want to give multiple-hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollar contributions.".. . Click here to read the full article

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